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Ulam Labs is a software house specializing in end-to-end software development across a wide array of industries–especially in crypto, blockchain, and fintech. Since 2017, our team has grown to over 50 IT experts that assist clients globally, and we continue to expand.

Our purpose is to support the revolution that happens now within finance, crypto, and web 3.0. We want to build products that shape the world around us with you – the innovators.


We aim to be the go-to partner for the best global tech-based companies by offering the best-in-class software engineering and strategic technology management.


We want to be where the tech revolution happens. We are driving it by expanding our position within the crypto and fintech industries. And we won’t settle for mediocre results.

How do we stand out?

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Industry expertise

We speak your language! There are no secrets in crypto and financial markets for us.

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You’ll always know how your development progresses. Feel invited to our stand-ups!

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We act fast on the emerging opportunities. Want to jump on a new trend in crypto? Count us in!


Our inspiration

When someone brought up Stanislaw Ulam as a name inspiration, our brainstorming bickering ceased. The Lviv-born Polish scientist and mathematician, who is most known for his work with computers inspired all of us. We embrace his legacy in our logo, by using a variation of his Prime Spiral, or Ulam Spiral. It is a subtle reminder for all of us to create something greater than just a program.

In the heart of global IT development

Even in today's digital era where the need for human interaction is almost extinct, the opportunity to meet project members is invaluable. With Ulam Labs, you can feel at home when we meet face-to-face in Central Europe, in our offices in Wroclaw and Warsaw. As a bonus, you save yourself the potential of a week-long jetlag.

Poland has been ranked among the Top 5 countries with the most skilled programmers. Our headquarters provide us access to over 100,000 IT professionals to scale with the needs of our clients. Choose Ulam Labs as your developers, and choose our professionalism, timeliness, and dedication to creating the best products possible.

Stanislaw Ulam, 1945, Los Alamos National Laboratory/PAP

Logo origins

Ulam Spiral
Ulam Spiral
U Letter
"U" Letter
Ulam Labs Signet
Ulam Labs Signet


Ulam Labs is a team of over 50 IT professionals that keeps growing fast. We may come from various backgrounds, but that lets us look at your projects from many perspectives. The best products come from the best people, and in Ulam Labs this is not only an empty claim.

The industries we’re specialized in are the ones many of us are genuinely interested in – we’re active in crypto communities and carefully follow financial markets. Combined with the passion and dedication to thrive in what we do, it makes working with us a tremendous experience!

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