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We were one of the first to release a whitelabel NFT Marketplace for the open-source community and continue to build customized solutions for our customers. Bring NFTs to your audience with an experienced team!

Case Studies


Whitelabel NFT Marketplace by Ulam Labs. It allows you to introduce NFTs with a secure marketplace swiftly while equipping them with all the features you need. The solution is fast to deploy and endlessly customizable.

White label NFT Marketplace on Algorand

We have built an NFT Marketplace as a demo to be launched on Algorand. It’s open-source, so anyone can use it, as well as the community can add new features to it.

It’s the best way to launch your own, branded NFT Marketplace on a fast and secure blockchain that has close-to-none transaction fees.

  • released May 2021
  • open-source code
  • launched on Algorand testnet
  • working with MyAlgoWallet and AlgoSigner
  • all basic features built-in

    Ethereum NFT Marketplace with Custody Wallet

    Another white label NFT Marketplace offering has been built with CYBAVO as a private key management partner. Using this open-source solution, you can create and manage NFT collections minted on Ethereum through custody integration. It allows you to launch an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace in a timely manner.

    • released January 2022
    • open-source code
    • launched with CYBAVO custodial wallet
    • 2-factor authentication
    • NFT Collections
    • KYC integration

    Let’s talk about these:

    • digital asset exchanges
    • trading platforms
    • fintech platforms
    • platforms that use cryptocurrencies
    • crypto side projects for your business
    • smart contracts
    • cold storage integrations
    • KYC & AML integrations
    • off-chain services
    • ALGO, SOL, BTC, FLOW, and more
    • NFTs
    • anything crypto!

    “Developed the best in class digital lending platform”

    Lendingblock partnered with Ulam Labs to develop a best in class digital asset lending platform. We have been impressed by their professional approach to all tasks and their extensive knowledge of the blockchain amongst the team. Through the hard work of Konrad and his team of developers, we're confident that we're providing our institutional clients with a safe and reliable lending experience.
    Steve Swain
    CEO of Lendingblock

    Development Partner of Algorand

    Joining Algorand’s Partner Program is one of our strategic moves to provide even better products and services for our FinTech clients. Security and fast transactions in the crypto industry are one of the most challenging aspects. With Algorand cutting edge solutions we will bring trust and verification in our client's products.

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    Why Is a White Label NFT Marketplace a Better Solution Than Building Your Own?

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    How to choose the best blockchain for NFT marketplace development?

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    Before we move forward, we’ll work on the precise deliverables and put them into the agreement.



    We use scrum, so each week you’ll know about the progress. You can get involved in team stand-ups, too!



    Our developments are always well-tested by the QA team, so you get a fully functional, reliable product.



    After delivering the end solution, we’re happy to help you with an ongoing maintenance.

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