Product Design

Let your idea become a product

Great project start as ideas. Translate it into a real-life project design that will be ready to develop and define all the key features and functionalities along the way.

Case Studies

Cryptocurrency Lending Platform for Individuals

The second time we got to work with Lendingblock, we took care of the end-to-end design and development of the crypto lending and borrowing platform for individuals. To offer the best experience, we rebuilt the whole product from scratch.

Crypto loans for individuals
Designed and built end-to-end by our team
Custom-built exchange

Stellar project design

Our in-house product design team can take your ideas to the next level. Whether that is a side project, a new startup or rebranding of your working platform. The UI and UX can become part of the development project, or we can scope only the design part to start with.

Let's work together
  • in the market since 2018
  • 50+ product designers, frontend, backend & blockchain developers, QA specialists, and project managers
  • crypto & finance expertise
  • Algorand development partner

“Developed the best in class digital lending platform”

Lendingblock partnered with Ulam Labs to develop a best in class digital asset lending platform. We have been impressed by their professional approach to all tasks and their extensive knowledge of the blockchain amongst the team. Through the hard work of Konrad and his team of developers, we're confident that we're providing our institutional clients with a safe and reliable lending experience.
Steve Swain
CEO of Lendingblock
10 min read

Best Cross-Chain Bridges Powering Interoperability in DeFi

The further we are down the road to mass-scale decentralization, the less we will need to rely on legacy finance. It seems to be easier said than done, but if you’d like to benefit from utilizing…
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9 min read

How to Integrate On and Off-Ramping Solutions Into Your Business

Building a project that uses either blockchain or cryptocurrencies usually involves making the decision on having your own token. That implies the need for providing on- and off-ramping solutions to…
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7 min read

How to Add Liquidity to Your Crypto Exchange and Why Do You Need It?

Building a crypto exchange involves taking care of multiple moving parts to ensure that what you’re offering to the end users builds trust and ensures seamless operations. No one wants to get stuck…
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The next steps?

Ready to get down to work? Great! Here’s how we usually approach it.



Send us your inquiry and share some project details.



Have a project specification already? Great, let us see it!


Product design

Let us know if you’d like us to design the product.



Based on the specification and project scope, we’ll calculate the timeline, costs, and let you know about the starting date.



If it’s hard to define the scope, we propose having a set of workshops that will be done with our product design team and project managers. This way, you’ll move your idea forward, accordingly to the technical possibilities.



Knowing all user stories and requirements, we’ll design the platform!

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